Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sony says the attack came from Amazon's EC2 Cloud Hosting

Sony is pointing fingers at Amazon's EC2 Cloud Hosting service. Sony claims that hackers took advantage of Amazon's hosting service to launch a massive attack on their servers. A German researcher said that all it would cost to launch an attack using EC2 is "$1.68 and twenty minutes of time". According to sources, the hackers posed as a regular business and rented a server from Amazon, no one knows exactly how the hackers launched their assault. A side note of information, Sony reported an increase in sales of their PS3 unit by 13% during April; while the servers were down. Lastly Sony says they don't have a set date for when the PSN will be back up


  1. Very interesting information!

  2. I hope they're not trying to blame Amazon for their failures. Just own up to it already!

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