Thursday, May 5, 2011

Games, games, games, and of course, more games

Mass Effect 3:

The release of Mass Effect 3 will be delayed because it "needs to cook for a bit longer". Instead of dropping into stores for the winter holidays it can be expected to pop up in the first 3 months of 2012

Portal 2:
Portal 2 is obviously the sequel of Portal but is now featuring more advanced physics and 2 player co-op. The game is currently on sale for the PS3 & PC and no one knows how long this sale will last! At the moment the PS3's price is $34.99 and the PC's price is $29.99 don't pass this up! Oh and the Xbox version is on sale too.. it's price is $58.95 instead of the regular $59.99

Resistance 3:
A Resistance 3 demo is said to be rolling out with the release of Battle: Los Angeles for blu-ray. A multiplayer beta test for Resistance 3 is also going to be available to people who pre-order from certain retailers, as well as people who purchased the special "Full Deployment Edition" of SOCOM 4.

Thor: God of Thunder

The movie featuring Chris Hemsworth as Thor which hasn't been released just yet already has a game rolling out for PS3, XBox 360, Nintendo DS and, Wii. In each version of the game you'll play as Thor fighting through the 9 worlds in a different style.

Trailer for the PS3 and XBox 360


  1. Good, Mass Effect shouldn't be rushed! Portal 2 is overpriced considering $40 used to give you the first one and like 3 other games.

  2. Not too excited about Thor, but the others, I can't wait to play.

  3. To bad, i was hopping ot play ME3 this year. I've allready done all DLC

  4. Portal 2 is simply awesome ;)
    Will follow, good informating =)

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  6. I'm not too worried about mass effect 3 being delayed. mainly because i still have to get the DLC, so that'll keep me busy.

  7. Is it bad that I just completely ignore all superhero movie games? I mean Thor could be GOTY material and I would never know. Anyway nice to see some concise to-the-point info about the games today. Gonna follow for sure.

  8. Pretty sick games, not so sure about Thor though ahaha.

  9. Definitely an interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

    Keep 'em coming, definitely following!

  10. It's all about Mass Effect and Portal!