Saturday, April 30, 2011

My first blog post!

Since this is my first blog post I wanna start off with the things you can expect from my posts, that should mostly range from computers, video games, and other things I enjoy about life.

Since I don't wanna start off my blog on a post about nothing I'll tell you how I make my scrambled eggs.

What you need:
Eggs - at least two
A bowl
A stove
A frying pan
A utensil that can be used to stir, I prefer using a fork since I have so many of them
Olive oil
Pepper - optional flavoring

1) Crack the eggs open and put egg contents into bowl
2) Stir the egg with fork till egg content is mixed well
3) Add salt and pepper
4) Heat the frying pan on the stove
5) Add olive oil to pan and then add butter on top
6) Wait for butter to melt a little bit then move the pan so that the butter is evenly spread around the pan
7) Add the stirred up egg to the pan and then wait about 2-4 minutes
8) Stir the eggs with fork or stirring utensil, try and flip the eggs over so that you get it cooked evenly
9) The eggs are done when they are a golden color
10) Eat your eggs

Thank you for reading, I hope to see you next time.


  1. I usually just whip about anything I can find into my scrambled eggs, maybe a bit of structure to it will help haha. Thanks for this

  2. mmmm i want scrambled eggs now! followed!

  3. Good. I can't stand when people say you have to add milk. Milk ruins everything.